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How It Works

When selling your diabetic supplies to us, you never have to pay separately for shipping.
The price we offer includes the cost of shipping from your address to the address of our warehouse.

We Make It Quick and Easy with our included Shipping Program!

We pay very quickly after we receive your item!


  • First, take a look at our list of diabetic testing supplies to see if we purchase the test strips/items you have. Remember, all supplies must be unopened. If there are labels, please leave them on. Removing labels can damage the boxes and reduce their value or even make them worthless. Please be assured that we will remove and shred all labels before resale. HIGH PRICING. For items over $100 we add $15 shipping. We buy products with expiration dates 2016-2023.
  • Visit our Sell Your Strips page and select the boxes you are selling and find out how much you will receive. Just select the details of the supplies you will be shipping to us.
  • Choose your payment method. We offer several payment methods so that you can choose what works best for you. We currently offer payment by PayPal (friends/family) and bank transfer. For your first sales we can offer prepayment via PayPal goods and services (fee will be charged).