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Here you'll find 90% of the questions we normally get asked every day to save you time.

1. When do I get paid?

Payment is made 4 business days after we receive your package. We receive a large numbers of boxes and we need time to remove any labels, inspect the packages, and log in the order details to ensure that your payment is processed correctly.

2. How is my payment made?

We currently offer payment by PayPal (friends/family) and bank transfer. You decide how you would like to be paid during the checkout process when you submit your quote to us.

3. How many test strips can I sell?

There is no limit to the amount of test strips you can sell.

4. Should I remove the labels on my test strips?

Please do not! If your boxes have labels, PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THEM as this can damage the boxes and reduce their value or even make them worthless. Please be assured that we will remove and shred all labels before resale.

5. What kind of test strips do you accept?

We accept MOST types of mail order test strips.

6. What other products do you buy? also purchase Dexcom sensors and transmitters, Omnipods, OmnoPods DASH, FreeSyle Libre and others.